Bathroom Mould

Bathroom mould is a common sight in the UK. Bathrooms are often damp and rarely have good airflow these are the perfect conditions for mould growth. Mould commonly occurs where there is frequent damp (shower, bath and sink linings). Over time the grouting or sealant in these areas degrades, mould finds a foot hold and begins to grow.

Bathroom Mould – The Health Concerns

The three most common types of mould are asperguillus, cladosporium & stachybotrys. All of these moulds can cause health problems especially for young children and pets. The health problems can range from mild allergic reactions to more serious conditions. Certain strains of  black mould can release spores which can lead to lung diseases and even internal bleeding.

The most common health problems experience by living in mouldy environments are coughing and sneezing, throat irritation and respiratory problems.

How To Remove Bathroom Mould

First you should check all of the grouting and sealant in your bathroom. This is where mould most commonly occurs. Anywhere that you find mould you should remove the grouting or sealant and replace it. If you have mould growing on your walls, floors or bathroom suite you should scrub it with household bleach or hydrogen peroxide, make sure to keep the windows open while you do this. This also helps to dry out the air in the bathroom.

If you have large areas of mould I would reccomend hiring a professional to remove it. This is because when you disturb large areas of mould growth you release particles into the air, as discussed a the start of this blog this can be dangerous to your health.

Preventing Mould Growth

There are several easy steps you can take to prevent the build up of mould in your bathroom:

  • Keep the window open when using the shower or bath (i know this can be difficult in the winter).
  • Always use the bathroom ventilator when using the shower or the bath.
  • Wash and dry you towels, matts and other fabrics regularly.
  • Use a mildew resistant shower curtain
  • Dont keep bottles in the shower (the mould grows underneath them)

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