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Signs of a Gas Leak

Gas Leaks can be dangerous! Natural gas is used for heating and cooking in the majority of UK homes. It is one of the safest and cleanest fossil fuels on the market and fortunately due to improvements in appliances and safety considerations during installation injuries as a result of fires and explosions caused by natural gas are declining.

But this does not mean we should take the subject lightly as when gas leaks do occur the risk of fire and or explosions increases dramatically as the gas can spread quickly around your property.  The best advice we can give is if you smell a gas leak in your home evacuate the property quickly and call the professionals.

You may have just left the hob on but its better to be safe than sorry.

Indoor gas leak – what to watch out for

Smell – Natural gas is colourless and odourless but in order to enable people to detect a leak a chemical called Mercaptan is added. This is what gives gas the rotten eggs / sulphurous smell.

Sound – If you have a gas leak there is usually but not always a missing sound coming form the immediate area of the leak (often an appliance or broken pipe)

Gas leak outside – what to watch out for

External gas leaks are often more difficult to detect because the smell disperses outside much quicker. However there are things to be aware of:

Air – as gas leak will cause dust and dirt to be propelled into the air, air coming up from the ground is a common sign of a gas leak.

Bubbles – this applies on wet or soggy ground. The gas that is leaking will create bubbles as it rises.

Plants – sometimes gas leaks will cause your plats to do (this will happen quickly and in unison) as the gas in the air suffocates them.

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Do You Need An Gas Plumber?

If you can smell gas inside or outside of your home the safest thing to do is call a qualified plumber to come and take a look and run some tests. We offer a 24/7 emergency plumber service in Ruislip, Harrow, Watford, Ealing and Slough. So if you need an emergency plumber any time of the day or night give us a call or use our contact page to get in touch.