Installing A Dishwasher

I written handy guide about how to install a dishwasher. It’s difficult to think how we survived before the invention of dishwashers especially when you have a young family finding the time to do the dishes can be difficult. There are a thousand different models of dishwasher with a huge number of features so i’ll leave that choice to you.

How To Install a Dishwasher.

The first thing to say is this is quite a tricky process so if you are intending to attempt it i would read this blog post form Homebase they do a really great job at explaining the steps involved.

First you should prepare the area that the new machine is going to go. The floor needs to be level, the machine needs to be within 1.5 meters of the cold water inflow and waste pipes and its best to place the machine on an exterior wall.

Next you need to connect the machine to a power supply to a standard 13 amp plug. If all your sockets are above the work surface run a spur to a switched, fused connection below the work surface, run this to a socket that servers the washing machine.

Installing the washing machine involves connecting all of the connect pipes, the installation guide should be provided by the manufacturer. Yous should also fit isolation valves so that the machine can be isolated without having to shut off the hot and cold water supply.

Get A Plumber To Install Your Dishwasher

I would always reccomend getting a qualified plumber to install your dishwasher as the installation process can be tricky which in turn can result in flooding your kitchen. I have seen cases of improperly installed dishwashers that leak water behind your kitchen units and over time this routs the units and causes structural damage to the building which is very costly to put right.

Provided that your new dishwasher is reasonably near to your water outlet pipe and your water supply it shouldn’t prove to difficult for a professional plumber to fit. the process usually takes around 2 hours to complete and it should cost in the region of £160.

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