Reduce Heat Loss In Your Home

Reducing heat loss is the best way to saving money on your heating bills and making sure your house stays warm in the colder months. Heat escapes through many places in your home, if you can stop this heat loss your home will require less gas tube burnt to heat and in turn your will save money on your heating bill.

Heat can escape through the roof, windows and window seals, floors, walls even the spaces between your doors and their frames. There are several ways that you can reduce the heat loss in your home:

  • Improving your insulation
  • Reduce air flow in and out of the property
  • Use energy efficient appliances to reduce energy consumption

Reduce Heat Loss – Practical Steps

Decreasing the heat loss from your home – adding more insulation and filling in any gaps between existing insulation will help to minimise the heat loss form your home. There are a number of options such as cavity insulation, loft insulation or new windows or doors. Some people will be eligible for free insulation so it is worth while checking with your gas provider to see if you can save some money.

Use energy efficient appliances – you won’t be surprised to learn that as a plumbing company we recommend installing energy efficient heating appliances. This means selecting the right boiler and or water tank for your needs and having it set up correctly so the you dont waste energy.

Chimney Balloon – if you don’t use your fire place at all then i suggest having it capped by a professional. If you do use the fire place then I suggest purchasing a removable chimney balloon which will reduce the amount of heat lost up the chimney.

Bleed Your Radiators – Air trapped in your radiators means they throw heat into the room rather than letting it rise to the ceiling, this is inefficient so bleeding your radiators can reduce heat loss in your home. Read our blog post here to find out how to do it.

Curtains – Curtains are great at preventing heat loss, you can even buy thermal lining for your curtains to retain even more heat.