Water Conservation

March 22nd is World Water Conservation day! In this months blog I thought it would be useful to go through some of the ways that you can save water in your home which saves money and helps the planet. Not all of my suggestions are to do with your plumbing system some are just useful tips to help you save water.

Rain Barrels

Rain Barrels: Install a rain barrel that is filled from your drain pipes. This is a great way to collect rain water to use in your garden. It is also a good source of emergency water (in March 2018 the cold weather across the UK caused many water pipes to burst leaving thousands of homes without water, if you have a rain barrel you’ll always have access to water although id recommend boiling it before you drink it.)

Be Ready For Leaks

If there is a water leak in your home you will more than likely notice it immediately. However some times pipes can leak underground or in inaccessible places so its worth keeping an eye on your water bill – if it suddenly increases there may well be a leaky pipe.

Turn The Tap Off When Brushing Your Teeth

This ones really simple, don’t run the tap while brushing your teeth. According to Conserve Energy Future  you can save as much as 160 gallons of water (727 litres) a month by not running the taps.

Water Efficient Appliances

The majority of your water is used by 4 appliances – washing machines, dish washers, shower and toilet. You can reduce your water use by buying water efficient appliances this will save you money over the long term and reduce your water consumption. Look out for the European Water Label this will tell you about an appliances water efficiency.

water conservation 2

How We Can Help

If you want to reduce your water consumption get in touch with us here we can help installing new appliances and water efficient showers and toilets or we can offer advice about practical steps to take to reduce your water consumption.