Water Heater Efficency

Water heaters are becoming less and less common. In most new builds and most new heating systems installations home owners opt for a new combi boiler as they generally offer improved efficiency and they are easier to install and maintain. If your home still uses a water heater system I’ve put together a few suggestions on how to improve your water heaters efficiency. This should save you money and improve the heat in your shower water.


This may seem obvious but the best way to retain as much heat as possible in your water heater system is to have adequate insulation around your hot water tank and the pipes leading to your shower, bath or hot water taps. This means the water stays hot for longer so your heater has to run for less time.


Identify & Repair Leaks

Obviously a broken pipe is going to loose a lot of your hot water in a very short amount of time so you will identify and fix these problems quickly. A problem that fewer people identify and solve is leaking faucets. If you hot water tap is leaking, even a small drip, over time you are loosing water a large amount of water that you have paid to heat so its well worth ensuring that your faucets dont leak.

Flush The Tank

Over time magnesium and calcium build up in your water tank. This can can clog up the tank which will eventually lead to the pipes filling up and can even lead to the pipes or the tank bursting due to built up pressure. The best solution is to drain our hot water tank at least once a years and run cold water through the tank to remove the deposits.

Lower Your Thermostat

This may not be an appropriate solution for some one who appreciates a really hot shower but if you dont mind your morning shower being a little cooler turning down your thermostat can save you a lot of money on your heating bill.

Home Glow Can Help!

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