Why You Should Get A Boiler Service

Why You Should Get A Boiler Service

Its recommended to get your boiler serviced once a year to ensure that your boiler is running properly. Regular boiler services minimise the chance of a break down and extend the usable life of your boiler. Its can be tempting to not get your boiler serviced or forget about it completley because as long as it keeps working theres nothing to worry about.

Unfortunately out of sight out of mind is not an acceptable solution when it comes to your boiler. It may appear to be working well but problems build up over time and buy not having your boiler serviced you are potentially compounding problems that will cost a lot of money in the future.

Regular Boiler Services Reduce The chances Of A Breakdown

Boilers tend to break down at the most inopportune times, right in the middle of winter when you need hot water and heating the most. For some reason or another will decide nows the time to break. By having your boiler serviced regularly you maintain the efficiency of the boiler and you can prevent problems that may snowball in bigger and more expensive issues int he future.

What Does A Boiler Service Cost?

The cost of a boiler service depends largely on where you live in the UK. Costs vary from £50 to £100 to do a normal boiler service. If  you are looking for a reliable company to conduct your boiler maintenance in Ruislip, St Albans, Watford or surrounding areas please give us a call on 07875 443 632 or get in touch using our contact page here.

Improve Your boilers Efficiency

Having your boiler serviced can actually save you money. Regular servicing improves the efficiency of your boiler which in turn saves on your gas bill. if you have nay questions about boiler servicing feel free to get in touch.